Audio/Video Systems

Audio & Video Systems

In modern communications, few things are as important as providing the right information to the right people in the most effective ways, locally or world-wide, using the best technologies and systems available. Communication and understanding is enhanced when audio and video systems are fully optimized to reach the senses properly. And, as more and more systems are converged onto data networks, the audio and video information that reach one’s eyes and ears need to be precise and understandable.

At DCI, we call the devices that tickle our senses “Transduction Points” where the ones and zeros of data are converted to audio and video which then, if properly provisioned, become comprehensible and useful information to the people who need to receive or send the message.

To accomplish these goals, firm technical understanding, training, experience and advanced thinking in how humans receive and understand information, or not, is a critical component for success. Our extensive use of advanced design, prediction and optimization tools in the realm of acoustics, video displays, network transport and audio system microphones and speakers, allow us to deliver the most effective and meaningful audio visual systems, tailored specifically to the exact needs of our customers.